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Botox and Fillers to Keep You Young

Non Surgical

Dr. Stafford Broumand of New York City discusses the incredible place Botox and fillers have in his practice, and the great changes they impart on middle-aged patients.

Botox For Sweating

Non Surgical

Dr. Stafford Broumand discusses the utilization of Botox to cull sweat production.

Coolsculpting: Groundbreaking Fat Removal


There’s a procedure available you might be interested in hearing more about… It’s a fat removal procedure that’s non-surgical. It’s called CoolSculpting. Dr. Stafford Broumand tells us more.

Tighten your Saggy Skin with Ultrasound

Non Surgical , Face

Dr. Stafford R. Broumand of New York City discuses his excitement over a new non-invasive skin-tightening treatment, Ultherapy.

Otoplasty – Children and Ear Surgery


Dr. Daniel Maman describes an otoplasty procedure – ear surgery – for children, describing what’s all involved and if it’s worth it for disfigured ears.

Invest in Yourself with a Mommy Makeover


“Pregnancy can transform a woman’s body to something they don’t recognize,” says Dr. Stafford Broumand, a board certified plastic surgeon from New York City. Discover what a mommy makeover can do for you…

All In One Breast Procedure

Breast , Dr. Maman

Dr. Daniel Maman of NYC talks about the mastopexy/augmentation procedure that can dramatically alter a woman’s chest for the better.

Breast Augmentation with Dr. Maman

Dr. Maman

Dr. Maman details the variety of procedures that can be performed to augment the breast. Every patient is unique and 740 Park Plastic Surgery tailors each breast augmentation procedure to that patient’s unique dimensions.

Fat Injections at 740 Park Plastic Surgery

Dr. Broumand

Dr. Stafford Broumand details the new plastic surgery trend of utilizing a patient’s own fat to shape, contour and provide volume to other areas of the body.

Staying Young, From A to Z


Drs. Broumand and Maman discuss the growing comprehensive approach to staying young, from a to z. Complete care is the ticket to lasting results.

Dr. Maman’s Philosophy

Philosophy , Dr. Maman

Dr. Broumand and Dr. Maman detail their practice philosophy for patients.