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Dr. Maman & Dr. Broumand Voted Top Doctors in New York Metro Area

740 Park Plastic Surgery is excited to announce that Dr. Daniel Y. Maman and Dr. Stafford R. Broumand have been recognized as two of the New York Metro Area’s Top Doctors in Plastic Surgery for 2017! Put together by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., this esteemed directory is formulated each year to help prospective patients locate […]

How Much of a Breast Reduction Is Possible?

As a customized procedure, the degree to which the weight and size of the breasts are decreased during breast reduction surgery will be dependent on each patient’s individual needs and aesthetic desires. Ideally, enough tissue is removed to alleviate the physical and/or psychological discomfort associated with overly large breasts while achieving a breast size and […]

What Impacts Breast Reduction Prices?

Many women who are experiencing physical discomfort and/or feelings of self-consciousness associated with excessively large breasts may find breast reduction surgery to be an excellent solution. Designed to remove extra glandular tissue, fat, and skin, this treatment can create a more proportionate breast size and enhanced breast contour, often resulting in less physical discomfort and […]

Which Breast Implant Placement Creates the Most Natural-Looking Results?

A number of factors go into achieving natural-looking breast augmentation results, including the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon, the size and type of breast implants chosen, and where the implants are specifically placed within the breasts. In regard to implant placement, patients have three options: above the muscle (subglandular), beneath the muscle (submuscular), […]

Why Are Smaller Implants Becoming More Popular for Breast Augmentation?

Not so long ago, the common desire for breast augmentation was to significantly increase the size of one’s breasts using large implants. Doing so created a “busty” appearance that often dominated a woman’s figure. While this look is still sought-after by many women, things are trending in a different direction these days, particularly here in […]

Plastic Surgeon in New York City Answers Pregnancy and Breast Augmentation FAQs

Dr. Daniel Y. Maman of 740 Park Plastic Surgery discusses how pregnancy affects breast implants and whether or not patients can breastfeed after augmentation. Manhattan, NY — Among the many women who undergo breast augmentation at his practice, New York City plastic surgeon Daniel Y. Maman, MD states that a large percentage includes patients who […]

Dr. Daniel Maman answers common questions about pregnancy and breast augmentation.

Do Breast Implants Obstruct Mammogram Results?

This is a rather common concern expressed by women seeking to enhance the appearance of their breasts with implants. Truth be told, the presence of implants can make viewing breast tissues a bit more challenging during a traditional mammogram screening. That said, there are special techniques the radiologist can use to help generate more accurate […]

Can I Still Breastfeed After Breast Augmentation?

Though seemingly straightforward, this is actually a loaded question asked by many women considering breast augmentation with implants. What many people don’t realize is that a small percentage of the female population is unable to breastfeed regardless of whether or not they’ve undergone breast augmentation. This lesser-known fact plays a large role in the misbelief […]

Recovery from a Breast Lift with Implants

Although a breast lift with implants is technically two procedures (mastopexy and breast augmentation) combined into one, this doesn’t necessarily mean recovery will be double the length of time and/or more extensive than it would be for each individual treatment. Following a breast lift with implants – also called an augmentation-mastopexy or breast augmentation with […]

What Is Breast Augmentation-Mastopexy?

Breast augmentation-mastopexy – also known as a breast augmentation with a lift or a breast lift with implants – is a procedure designed to elevate the breasts to a more youthful position while also enhancing their size and/or shape. This combination treatment can often be an excellent option for women experiencing both drooping and volume […]

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