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Breast Lift

Over time, factors such as gravity, pregnancy, genetics, significant weight loss, and simply the natural process of aging can lead to the development of loose, excess skin in the breasts. For many women, these effects may cause undesirable breast drooping/sagging, as well as a loss of self confidence in one’s appearance. Also known as mastopexy, a breast lift can often be an excellent option for individuals who are experiencing these concerns and seeking to rejuvenate the look and feel of their breasts. Using advanced surgical techniques, our board-certified plastic surgeons – Dr. Stafford R. Broumand and Dr. Daniel Y. Maman – can perform breast lift surgery to remove excess skin, reshape, and elevate the breasts for a more youthful contour and projection.

What Can a Breast Lift Do for Me?*

Based on your particular needs and goals, the mastopexy procedure can be customized to help:

  • Lift the breasts to improve sagging and/or drooping
  • Excise and/or tighten loose, excess breast skin
  • Recontour breast tissue for a rejuvenated shape
  • Elevate the nipple-areolar complex
  • Reduce the size of the areola

* results may vary

In addition to these benefits, a breast lift can often be combined with breast augmentation to add volume while further improving the shape, cleavage, and overall appearance of the breasts.

The Breast Lift Procedure


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At 740 Park Plastic Surgery, our doctors generally utilize a “lollipop” incision that extends around the areola and vertically down to the inframammary crease. Once this incision has been made, excess skin is removed, and breast tissues are internally shaped and elevated to a higher position on the chest wall. When the desired contour and position is achieved, residual skin is pulled taut and carefully reattached beneath the curve of the breasts. Performed under general anesthesia, the mastopexy procedure takes about one to two hours to complete, but this timeframe may be extended for individuals who are receiving a breast lift with implants.

Breast Lift Recovery

After breast lift surgery, some soreness and swelling can often be expected, though these symptoms should gradually subside over time. Any potential discomfort is usually described as mild and can typically be managed effectively with medication. To help facilitate the healing process, a supportive bra will need to be worn for a specified period of time, and any rigorous activities and/or heavy lifting should be avoided for a minimum of four weeks. That said, the majority of patients are able to return to non-strenuous work and daily routines within about one week of surgery. Due to its location, any postoperative scarring can generally be concealed by most articles of clothing, including many bra and bikini varieties. As swelling in the breasts continues to resolve, mastopexy results will become more and more apparent. For virtually every individual, the final outcome from mastopexy is truly rewarding.

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