Natural Breast Enhancement With Fat Transfer

Thanks to advancements in plastic surgery, women interested in enhancing the appearance of their breasts without the use of breast implants now have the opportunity to do so. Natural breast enhancement with fat transfer is an advanced technique designed to increase the size and improve the overall shape of the breasts using your own fat tissues. At our practice, Daniel Y. Maman, MD and Stafford R. Broumand, MD perform this innovative procedure by extracting fat cells from one region of your body and transferring them to the breasts until the desired outcome is achieved. For qualified patients, the end results can be larger, beautifully shaped breasts that both look and feel extremely natural.

What Can Natural Breast Enhancement Do for Me?

Depending on your unique concerns and cosmetic goals, natural breast enhancement with fat transfer may be able to help:

  • Increase the size and volume of the breasts
  • Rebuild the breasts following mastectomy
  • Improve the contour and curvature of the breasts
  • Restore breast volume loss
  • Correct asymmetries in breast shape
  • Produce a more youthful overall appearance
  • Enable bras, bathing suits, and various articles of clothing to fit better

*Results May Vary

Candidates for Breast Enhancement with Fat Transfer

There are three main criterion individuals must meet to be considered good candidates for natural breast enhancement with fat transfer:

  • Patients must be willing to be compliant with the BRAVA® system for several weeks prior to surgery. As outlined in the following section, the BRAVA® system expands breast tissue while also increasing blood flow to the chest, both of which help to achieve optimal enhancement outcomes. The process, however, takes time.
  • Patients must have enough skin to cover the new volume of fat before any cells can be injected. Should the individual not have enough skin to begin with, the BRAVA® system can often help expand skin covering the breasts to create enough space for the accommodation of extra fat cells.
  • Patients must have enough fat on their body to be harvested and transferred to the breasts. That being said, Dr. Maman and Dr. Broumand rarely come across an individual who does not have enough fat since a small quantity of fat can be taken from numerous places in order to come up with enough volume to make a difference. Common areas from which fat is often harvested include the hips, lower back (to give a better curve to the buttocks), outer thighs, anterior thighs, inner thighs, and around the knees. Fat can also be taken from the upper and lower abdomen if the patient has any excess there.

For individuals who meet this criteria, our doctors can often proceed with the natural breast enhancement surgery.

BRAVA® Tissue Expansion

In order for fat tissues to be safely and effectively transferred, patients who have tight skin may need to develop more room in the breast pocket. The BRAVA® tissue expansion system is an innovative technique that can help make it possible to transfer larger amounts of fat cells, effectively enabling greater volume and fullness to be added to the breasts.

Prior to your procedure, one of our board-certified plastic surgeons will provide you with a series of BRAVA® suction cups designed to create ample space for large volumes of fat to be transferred. Comprised of a pair of silicone gel-rimmed domes, the BRAVA® device can be positioned over the breasts and secured in place by a bra-like support system. Once in place, the system exerts varied degrees of gentle suction to promote the flow of blood and encourage several growth elements, ultimately enabling the breasts to more reliably accommodate transferred fat cells with lasting results.

The Natural Breast Enhancement Treatment Process

In the weeks leading up to your procedure, your doctor will provide you with a custom-fitted BRAVA® system. Based on your individual needs and desires, you will be advised to wear the BRAVA® cups about six hours a day for at least three weeks prior to your surgery. To better suit your unique lifestyle and daily routine, Dr. Broumand and Dr. Maman typically recommend wearing the expansion system at night, as the the device may limit certain ranges of motion and/or particular activities. Regardless of when you choose to wear the device, however, the degree of suction applied by the BRAVA® system should ideally alter between high and low every hour. This can be controlled via the BRAVA® SmartBox provided with the system.

When the tissue expansion process has been successfully completed, your plastic surgeon can proceed with the natural breast enhancement treatment. During the procedure, fat cells will first be removed via liposuction from regions of the body that have an adequate accumulation of fatty tissue. Some of the most common areas from which fat is harvested include the abdomen, love handles, and/or thighs, often providing the added benefit of body contouring in these specific regions. Once extracted, the fat is then filtered, purified, and injected in small amounts into each breast until the ideal size and contour is achieved.

Recovery from Natural Breast Enhancement with Fat Transfer

After natural breast enhancement with fat transfer, you can generally expect some minor bruising and/or swelling in the breasts and donor areas, but these symptoms should dissipate shortly. Often described as mild, any potential discomfort experienced can typically be reduced or relieved with medication. Most patients feel well enough to return to non-strenuous work and normal daily routines after approximately ten days, though Dr. Maman and Dr. Broumand generally advise that you avoid any rigorous physical activity for several weeks. It is normal for the breasts to initially appear slightly larger than expected, but this should subside over time to reveal beautiful, natural-looking results.

Can Fat Transfer and Breast Implants Be Combined?

As plastic surgeons with years of experience in fat transfer, Dr. Maman and Dr. Broumand are proud to not only offer this innovative technique as a natural option for breast enhancement, but also to optimize breast augmentation outcomes for individuals who wish to use implants to achieve their goals. For example, if a patient is very thin and her breast implants are going to be visible—depending on the size implants she picks—our doctors can do an onlay of fat to essentially “soften” the edges of the implants and make them less noticeable. Additionally, in the event any aesthetic issues may have developed from a previous augmentation performed long ago, fat can be added to the breasts to improve their shape and make them appear more natural-looking. So instead of having just one approach to breast enhancement, our practice has many techniques for providing patients the results they are conceptualizing.

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