Breast Revision Surgery

For a number of different reasons, some women may wish to revise and/or enhance the results of a prior breast procedure. At 740 Park Plastic Surgery, Stafford R. Broumand, MD and Daniel Y. Maman, MD offer breast revision surgery for individuals seeking to upgrade their breast implants, improve an unsatisfactory outcome, and/or address a complication that has arisen after a previous operation. Utilizing the latest, most advanced surgical techniques, our doctors can help you attain the breast enhancement results you originally sought to achieve, or the new aesthetic you now desire.

What Can Breast Revision Do for Me?

As previously mentioned, revision breast surgery can be an extremely beneficial procedure for individuals who are dissatisfied with the outcome of a past breast operation, patients whose cosmetic goals and desires have evolved over time, and/or those who are experiencing a complication from an earlier procedure. More specifically, breast revision surgery can help patients:

  • Upgrade their implants from saline to silicone
  • Increase or decrease the size of their breasts
  • Improve the symmetry and/or shape of their breasts
  • Replace an implant that is ruptured and/or leaking
  • Correct implant malpositioning, symmastia, rippling, capsular contracture, and various other potential breast implant complications

Ultimately, breast revision surgery can help you achieve the results you originally sought to attain, or the new outcomes you currently desire.

*Results May Vary

The Breast Revision Procedure

Breast revision surgery is typically performed using the patient’s original incisions to help reduce the potential for additional scarring. During the procedure, one of our board-certified plastic surgeons will remove the current breast implant and carefully place a new implant (if desired) in the proper position for an ideal outcome. Depending on whether the individual’s original implant was placed above or below the pectoral muscle, this could involve creating a new pocket location for the new implant to be placed. The entire procedure can typically be completed in approximately an hour and a half, but this will ultimately be dependent upon the patient’s specific needs and goals.

Breast Revision Recovery

Some degree of swelling and bruising is common after breast revision surgery, but these symptoms should gradually resolve over the course of a few days. Any discomfort experienced can often be diminished with medication, and the majority of women are comfortable enough to resume normal daily routines within seven days of surgery. However, it is typically advised that patients avoid strenuous physical activity and/or heavy lifting for a minimum of about one month to help facilitate the healing process. As a result of our doctor’s careful technique, any postoperative scarring tends to heal well and fade with time.

Ultimately, final results from revision breast surgery can be extremely rewarding for women who are dissatisfied with the outcome of a previous procedure, and we have found that those who have undergone revision breast surgery at our practice are some of the happiest patients following their operation.

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